Church Marketing: Social Media

We provide the local church with social media strategies that glorify God! As a faith-based social media company, we love Jesus and we love to work with His bride to create experiences that glorify Him!



Fearless Church Marketing:

  • has pastoral experience
  • creates straightforward social media plans for the local church
  • knows how to attract new audiences for your church

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Acts 5:20 (NIV)
“Go, stand in the temple courts,” he said, “and tell the people all about this new life.”

We Provide Social Media Strategies to Churches

Most churches are seeking to gain a following on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.


Social media strategies for the local church can include, creating new connections, getting more followers to a page, getting a higher viewership of livestreams, or other content that the church is streaming.


We help churches to create new opportunities for conversations to get started. We’re here to help attract, inspire and engage new people.

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How To Plan A Church Social Media Strategy

Local churches often display mismatched  brands, logos, fonts and styles when representing the church, the ministries, and its activities. And typically there is a lack of guidance on what should be posted via social media channels. This can create a problem with visitors, guests or new families as they seek clarity and confirmation that the youth group their kid attends is the same one they’re considering attending.


A lack of consistency and clarity creates several issues for the local church as it markets itself on social media:

  • non-biblical content being shared from a church sponsored social media account
  • overly politicized, overly worldly content, opinion-based content or content that is outside of the mission of the church
  • confusion about how an activity, event, or ministry aligns to the church
  • misidentification or confusion with another church, or another denomination

We want the local church to have clarity and connection in social media channels.

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Church Social Media Marketing Strategies

We help the local church to be found.  When you need to improve your rankings on Google, get found on the map, and improve the visibility of your website, we’re here for you.

Church Facebook Posting

Facebook is often the first place new visitors go to check out a church.  Who are the people attending? What do the sermons, or the worship sound like? Facebook is a great place to promote your people, your culture and your events.

Church Instagram Posting

Instagram is a great way for a church to provide visual engagement with the activities of the church.  This includes photos of volunteers, quotes of Scripture, key sermon takeaways, and Reels of faith-based content.

Church YouTube Channel Management

The primary goals for a church’s YouTube page are subscribers and views.  We help your sermons, shorts, and other content gain subscribers, get shared, and get more views.

Church Creative Design

How do I create the right promotional experience?

When your content needs to shine.

Church Copywriting

What words and emojis work to create connection?

When you need your content to spark interest.

Church Audience Targeting

How do I reach the right people?

When it is more about reaching that special somebody.

Church Content Calendar

When do I post or promote on social media? How often do I share?

When you need to know when to reach people on social media.

Church Social Media Guidelines

How do I make sure everyone who posts and promotes on social media is representing our church well?

When you want your social media content to be connected, organized and on-mission.

Church Organic Social Posts

What do I say to my followers?

When you want to provide a quality social media experience.