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We provide SEO services to the local church.  We’re faith-based SEO’s and web designers who provide church website and SEO services to Christ-centered organizations. We help the local church to rank higher on Google.


Fearless Church Marketing:

  • has pastoral experience
  • knows how to improve local church rankings
  • has 15 years of search engine optimization experience

You don’t have to have an invisible church website.


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John 15:5 NIV

“I am the vine; you are the branches. If you remain in me and I in you, you will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing.

Search Engine Optimization For Churches

Search engine optimization might be one of the hardest skill sets for the church to find.

To master this discipline you’ll need to have an understanding of what people are searching for, the ability to impact the technical elements of your website, and a way to track performance over time.


Oh and another thing, you need to be able to use real, human language to authentically communicate your love for Jesus.


We’re here to help you bear “digital fruit” in Jesus name.

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We're Ranking Churches Higher On Google

Most churches stop their website efforts with the launch of a new website. The idea of a church website lacking the correct search engine optimization strategy typically comes up only after they receive feedback from a visitor, a friend, a family member or a mentor.


Still worse is the pastor who thinks they are ranking well becasue they always come up first when THEY are looking.  It shouldn’t surprise you to learn that Google has no problem finding your website when you search from inside your building, or on the same device, or use your brand, or repeatedly visit your church’s website.


Your location (and location behavior), your search history, and your website visit history all play a strong factor in the results that you’ll see on the search engine results page.


Real church SEO is understanding how to get OTHER PEOPLE to find you.


Becuase if THEY can’t find you, well then you have an invisible church.

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SEO Strategies For The Local Church

We help the local church to be found.  When you need to improve your rankings on Google, get found on the map, and improve the visibility of your website, we’re here for you.

Google Business Profile

How can my church create its profile on Google?

When you need to be found on the map, and direct people to give reviews.

Tags, Metas and Alt-Text

What elements might my website be missing?

When you need to impact the technical components of your content.

Keyword Research and Strategy

What are people searching for?

When you need to be the answer to their question but you have no idea what they’re asking.

Local and Geographic Content

How can my church create local content about my city or neighborhood?

When you need show how your making a difference in your community.

Open Graph Protocols and Twitter Cards

How will my content look when it is shared on social media?

When you need your content to go viral.

Page Speed Improvements

How fast is my website? Is it different on mobile devices?

When you need your website to load quickly regardless of the device they’re using.

Google Search Console

What is the performance of my website on Google?

When you need Google to quickly identify your website and tell you what is working.


Does Google know about all of my pages on my church website?

When you need to make sure that your website is “on file” with Google.

Ongoing Monthly Support

Once I’ve improved my rankings how do I stay on top?

When it is important for you to maintain your top position.