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We’re faith-based marketers who will help to promote your church and glorify Jesus Christ! Find Christian advertising and promotion services that is more than just boosting a post.


Fearless Church Marketing:

  • Google Advertising for churches
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  • Church YouTube Advertising


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Luke 5:15 NIV

Yet the news about him spread all the more, so that crowds of people came to hear him and to be healed of their sicknesses.

Marketing For Churches

We are experts in digital advertising strategies for the local church.  One of our go-to programs is Google Grants, a tool available to non-profit organizations to obtain up to $10,000 per month in allocated grant dollars to appear on Google’s search engine results page as a sponsored listing.  While most local churches will only use about $100-$200 of these grant dollars each month (due to geographic targeting), larger organizations with a worldwide reach could see the full benefit.

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A New Digital Stage

The church has largely embraced the new digital stage.  The uncertainty for the local church is how to promote the activities of the church.  How do we get people in front of this digital stage? How do we promote the activities of the church to an online audience.


There are several common mistakes being make by the local church: failing to understand who their audience is, lacking clarity on where folks are spending time online, and a lack of experience in using advertising and promotional tools to expand the reach and visibility of the local church with these key audiences and on these key platforms.


You have an opportunity to expand beyond the four walls of the church building.


Church promotion is about aligning the mission, values, ministries and people of the church to reach new people in new places.


Because we’re entering a new era of church engagement and it means having a consistent presence on the digital stage.

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Church Marketing Solutions

We help the local church to be found.  When you need to improve your rankings on Google, get found on the map, and improve the visibility of your website, we’re here for you.

Google For Non Profits

How can my church create its profile on Google?

When you need to be found on the map, and direct people to give reviews.

Paid Google Ads

What elements might my website be missing?

When you need to impact the technical components of your content.

Paid YouTube Ads

What are people searching for?

When you need to be the answer to their question but you have no idea what they’re asking.


How can my church create local content about my city or neighborhood?

When you need show how your making a difference in your community.

Audience Targeting

How will my content look when it is shared on social media?

When you need your content to go viral.

Keyword Research and Management

How fast is my website? Is it different on mobile devices?

When you need your website to load quickly regardless of the device they’re using.


What is the performance of my website on Google?

When you need Google to quickly identify your website and tell you what is working.

Bidding Strategy

Does Google know about all of my pages on my church website?

When you need to make sure that your website is “on file” with Google.

Ongoing Monthly Support

Once I’ve improved my rankings how do I stay on top?

When it is important for you to maintain your top position.