Church Branding

Faith-based branding and creative services for the local church. We’re experts in helping churches, ministries and other Christ-centered organizations to have brand clarity.


Fearless Church Marketing offers:

  • biblical church branding
  • church branding guidance documentation
  • church logo design

Our mission is to grow your mission. We use digital and social tools to equip the local church and glorify God!


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Matthew 16:15 (NIV)

But what about you? he asked. Who do you say I am?

Church Branding - The Beautiful Bride of Christ!

The bride of Christ is beautiful. You are exactly who God says you are!

We are excited to offer you church branding services that specialize in digital and social branding.


Each church is a unique collection of God’s creation.  You have your own callings, unique giftings, and Christ-centered culture! We work with you to help communicate your core values, faith, community activities, missions, and unique culture, so that it is obvious that you are the same organization when someone visits your website, YouTube channel, Facebook page or Instagram page.


Make a great first impression and hold that connection throughout your online experience.  Make sure your visual identity online matches your in-person experience!

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We Help Churches Get Their Brand Aligned

The local church is a unique organization and the blend of paid and volunteer leadership can sometimes create a cycle of individual design assets for events, and other single-use activities.


Over time this collective assortment of disconnected assets can spiral out of control. Worse yet the church can be completely misrepresented with poorly written descriptions, low-quality images or designs or incorrect information.


In this situation, pastoral staff can often be placed in the role of gatekeeper instead of disciple-maker.


It is our intention to put you back into the role of disciple-maker, and to give you the tools, clarity and confidence you need to help best represent the talents and treasures of your church.


We help you to get your organization aligned and to create clarity instead of chaos.

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Church Branding Solutions

We build connected church brands that highlight your church’s unique giftings, ministries and talents. It is our hope to always partner with God’s Holy Spirit.

Church Logo Design

We help your church to create a unique brand identity and to differentiate yourself. Let’s highlight the strengths of your church.

Church Branding Guidelines

We help provide scalable guidance on how your teams and outside partners can position the church.  We help provide structure to allow your ministry leaders to promote their ministry and to align this to the promotional activities of the church body.

Church Brand Assessment

We help provide a third-party perspective to give you a fresh set of eyes.  What do others think when they see, feel, or experience your church’s brand?

From there we map out a plan to get you back on track.

Church Social Media and Brand Designs

Get aligned on your social media posting, and design themes and templates to create a foundation for your designers.  We provide design themes and design support and work with your team to improve the design of your church’s promotional assets.

Church Branding Training

For organizations that have a team already in place, you may need training on the different elements, platforms, and other details that go into designing promotional assets.  In addition to documentation and guidelines, we provide dedicated church branding support and training to your team.

Church Brand Strategy

We help churches to develop a comprehensive messaging strategy. This includes positioning, market research, and target audience analysis.