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We provide church marketing and other Christ-centered marketing strategies to the local church. As a leading Church Marketing Company, we prayerfully partner with you to help glorify God in all of your digital and social efforts.


Fearless Church Marketing offers:

  • Church marketing strategies for your website and social media
  • Scheduling of your church’s social media
  • Search engine optimization for local and multi-campus churches
  • Church website design and development
  • Church branding, asset development and content strategies

Each church is seeking to help connect people to Jesus and it is our mission is to grow your mission. We use digital and social tools to equip the local church and glorify God!


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Isaiah 57:14 NIV

And it will be said: “Build up, build up, prepare the road! Remove the obstacles out of the way of my people.”

Church Marketing Strategies

The local church is still the most powerful evangelical tool to reach more people for Jesus! Churches are active in their communities, active in offering programs to help people to better know Jesus and to connect with others, and active in providing Christian content at a regular pace.  Oftentimes a church does not realize how much marketing potential they have! Church marketing might seem daunting.  Let’s help simplify this for you and your staff!


We help the local church reach more people.


We create new social and digital doorways for people to step through.


We develop comprehensive digital and social strategies


We’re called to help the local church with their marketing strategy and needs.

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How Marketing Helps The Local Church

Today’s pastors have now embraced a new burden of also being a media department and publisher of content.  Even before shutdowns and COVID-related disruptions, people were seeking online church and livestream services.


Now many churches are realizing that their message isn’t just reaching people inside of the four walls of the church, but has the opportunity to reach people on-demand, in their homes, on their phones, on the go. . .anywhere they’ve got connectivity. The spike in livestreams of online church services continues to hold.


This creates a potential challenge for the local church. And not every church has the resources or giftings in-house to successfully reach beyond the stage.


Fearless Church Marketing is built to support you and your church.


For some clients, it is a short-term deployment to get your strategies developed and launch. Or to train a team on best practices.


For others it is an ongoing partnership through dedicated monthly church marketing support.


Whatever the engagement, know that it is our mission to help you to glorify God in all that we do!

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Get Help With Your Church Marketing

We build connected marketing solutions that are customized to the needs of each church.  We help churches to build their website, increase their visibility through local search engine optimization, start their YouTube, Instagram, Facebook or other social media marketing, and to develop a content marketing strategy to support their missional activities.


When you need increased visibility, a better organized social media strategy, or when you’re not sure what you need, we’ll provide you with the expertise and experience you need. We’re a prayer-filled company.  It is our hope to always partner with the Holy Spirit and to come to the table with a mindset of Lord willing.

Local Church SEO

Why does my church need SEO?

When you need to be found on the map, and the search engine results page.

Affordable Church Websites

Why does my church need a new website?

When you need to create digital experiences that attract, inspire and engage.

Social Media Marketing For Churches

Why does my church need social media?

When you need to create connections, tell stories and promote content.

Church Digital Advertising

How can my church use programs from Google?

When you need to use paid tools, or grant programs from Google to promote your church.

We're A Church Branding Company

Why is branding important to my church and its ministries?

When you need to get your staff and ministries on the same page, so that everything feels connected.

Local Church Marketing Case Study

Church Marketing Case Study: Portland Community Church

How one Portland, Oregon church is building out a hybrid church model and embracing the natural beauty of its campus alongside a growing digital and social media reach.

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One of the most overlooked church marketing strategies is YouTube.

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YouTube Church Marketing: YouTube SEO Strategies

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